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Conqueror-Class Cruisers


Orthographic views

3D model

created by Fabio Passaro
3D Gladiators

Deck plans, part 1
created by Allen Rolfes (see notes)

Deck plans, part 2
created by Allen Rolfes (see notes)



UES Leviathan and planet

created by Thomas Pemberton

UES Leviathan in nebula

created by Thomas Pemberton

3D model for SF Command
created by Chris Harris

UES Conqueror
created by Dvid Metlesits

created by Arcas

Tag team with Torsk
created by Arcas

Protecting the peace
created by Arcas

Inspection pass with Powhatan
created by Arcas

Parting the veil with Daedalus
created by Arcas

Dark side
created by Arcas

Tides of Merlin
created by Arcas

The Maelstrom
created by Arcas



The final Bison-based ships to be built during the war were the Conqueror-class cruisers (CHM-69). These cruisers, introduced in 2159, were basically improved Tannhuser-class ships with smaller, more powerful SSWR-III-D reactors, new Typhoon B2 warp nacelles mounted outboard above the centerline, and an upgraded sensor suite. New weapons included a forehead-mounted, high-velocity "missile rifle" with a rotary feed system and a ship-to-ship version of the Ultra Zeus ground-attack laser cannon first used in the Farragut class.

These immense cruisers provided valuable service during the last year of the war. Leading numerous task forces ever deeper into Romulan space, Conqueror launched steady missile barrages that were instrumental in the destruction of the Romulan fleet. Conquerors served most prominently at the Battle of Cheron in August 2160, where a massive UESN task force ambushed a Romulan fleetin its staging area and eliminated the remnants of organized Romulan resistance. This defeat left the Romulan homeworlds open to UE invasion and forced the Romulan government to sue for peace.


However, after the war, Conqueror cruisers proved prohibitively expensive to maintain and crew in large numbers. Most Conquerors were decommissioned in 2161. Only 5 ships were transferred to Starfleet to serve as a deterrent against renewed Romulan aggression. The deterrence force continued to patrol the Neutral Zone until 2170, by which time they had been replaced by the new Dragon-class heavy cruiser.


The Conqueror-class heavy cruiser UES Charger (CHM-72), which was the flagship of Task Force 41 during the final drive towards the Romulan Homeworlds, is on display at the Starfleet Museum.


Commissioned Ships

UES Conqueror CHM-69
UES Dauntless CHM-70
UES Devastator CHM-71
UES Charger CHM-72
UES Liberator CHM-73
UES Avenger CHM-74
UES Damocles CHM-75
UES Leviathan CHM-76
UES Excalibur CHM-77

UES Victory CHM-78
UES Hercules CHM-79
UES Executor CHM-80
UES Champion CHM-81
UES Protector CHM-82
UES Vindicator CHM-83
UES Furies CHM-84
UES Dominator CHM-85
UES Crusader CHM-86



Standard displacement: 497,746 t

  Overall 1 Hull 2 Hull Nacelles
Length [m] 226.89 130.20 93.24 136.94
Beam [m] 132.48 65.19 64.06 23.27
Draft [m] 70.46 56.39 70.44 23.27

Crew complement: 1320 (220 officers + 1100 crew)
Weapons: 1 rapid-fire missile rifle, 8 missile launchers with 136 Thunderflash antiship missiles, 44 Pitbull area-defense missiles, 1 drop bay with 10 Grand Slam surface-attack missiles, 2 Type VII laser cannons (2 2 turrets), 1 Type VIII heavy laser cannon (ball turret)
Embarked craft: 16 cargo/personnel shuttlecraft
Warp drive: SSWR-III-D spherical cavity M/AM reactor with 2 Typhoon B2 nacelles
Velocity: wf3.1, cruise; wf4.1, supercruise; wf4.2, maximum
Units commissioned: 18


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